Software Development

The Rubik Software Development programme combines expert training and support programmes with professional experience working as a Consultant with one of our leading industry clients.

You will have the opportunity to develop your skills in a number of languages such as Java, Python, .Net and JavaScript frameworks.

Your journey will begin with several weeks of intensive training to prepare you for your role with our clients. During this time, you will have the opportunity to work on simulated real-world projects. We take advatage of modern methodologies including agile and scrum to deliver a 'real-world' environment.

This learning environment coupled with our contunuing support will ensure you can develop your skills and career at speed.

Data Engineering

Today, organisations are developing competitive advantages by using data for their benefit. This emerging discipline can help a company spot industry or customer trends, develop products, improve organisational efficiency or further develop its own mission .

The Rubik Data Engineering & Machine Learning Programme will provide you with specialist training to prepare you to work with our industry leading clients.

First, you will learn the tools, concepts and technigues needed to become a data professional. You will then develop sophistication with data analytics and data engineering. Adavnced training will delve into machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As our world increasinly relies on data to support business decisions, your career as a Data Engineer will further develop as do these modern techniques.