Women in Technology

Women have always been pioneers and impactful in the development of technology. This is despite societal factors which have either hindered their achievements or neglected to give them credit. 

In the 18th Century, Nicole-Reine Lapaute predicted Halley’s Comet and in modern times, the first programmers in the 20th century were women. The first algorithm executed by a computer was designed by Ada Lovelace. 

We support women into technology and are striving to build technology teams with equal gender balance.

Bridging the Industry Gender Gap

As the fourth industry revolution takes hold, our society will be defined, in part, by the composite of those in the workplace. There are many historical reasons for the gender gap and there is a significant opportunity to now to overcome those ingrained and systemic failures. 

Today, just 33% of junior level staff across all industries are female according to the World Economic Forum. This statistic is even lower in technology which suffers from a lack of female inclusion at the end of the 20th century. As you look further up, organisations suffer even more with only 24% of mid-level staff reported as female, 15% at the senior level and 9% of CEOs.  

We believe that in order to change the gender balance at the top of organisations you need an equal balance at entry level. 



Our contribution to a gender balanced workforce.

Rubik supports women into technology. It is our goal to further promote gender balance from the grassroots through our Academy and by helping our clients to embrace change. 


 Our goal is to offer 50% of the seats in our training Academy to women and offer the majority of seats to underrepresented groups. 

We further understand that grassroots training is only part of the solution. There has to be a top down approach to gender balance which is why we are also partnering with industry led charities and orgnaisations to promote change at management level.  

Our Values & Goals

Promote Learning & Education

Our Academy is the heart of our organisation. We continually develop educational programmes to develop our Talent.

Invest in a New Generation

By helping our clients develop new technology skills, we ensure the success of the next generation. 

Suport Underrepresented Groups

Creating an open and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ employees through education and representation.​

Drive Organisational Change

Helping our clients embrace diversity & inclusion through technology skills. 

Develop Innovative Solutions

We are a ‘think outside the box’ kinda crowd.

Challenge Existing Norms

By promoting deeper tolerance and inclusion in our orgnanisation and with everyone we work with.